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Tuareg Blend


Unleash your adventurous spirit with the Tuareg Blend. A tantalizing fusion of Moroccan cedarwood, frankincense, and sweet orange creates a warm, woody aroma that ignites your senses. Experience the allure of the desert with every drop.

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Embark on a sensory journey with our Tuareg Blend. Crafted with a meticulous combination of argan oil, jojoba oil, Moroccan cedarwood essential oil, frankincense essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, benzoin resinoid, and labdanum absolute, this blend offers a captivating and adventurous grooming experience. Nourish and soften your beard while enjoying the sophisticated scent that harmonizes woody notes with a citrus twist.


Scent: Woody, with a touch of citrus.


Ingredients: Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moroccan Cedarwood Essential Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Labdanum Absolute.


Benefits: Softens and nourishes the beard, promotes a calming sensation, and leaves a subtle, alluring scent.


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